Unique Modern Small Apartments

We have found a lot of small apartments right now so we are able to surely claim that not one of them can even be compared to this unique modern small apartments design ideas. It is a SIXTY sq . meter small apartment called the “Transformer Apartment”. The idea comes with a really unusual and also smart interior design planning concept. It is simply just a one-bedroom space however it features a really flexible design. It is very organized all around a wall. Well, nothing spectacular at this point. But what you do not recognize yet is actually that unique wall can moves and this way it lets the space to get transformed.

This Unique Wall Design Hides A Smart Features!

The wall covers a recessed kitchen area that has a very simple decoration along with stainless-steel fixtures. Additionally, it reveals a pre-installed entertainment area. The following area has a flat screen TELEVISION and also multimedia systems storage and you are able to access it through the kitchen area, living room area and also dining area or even from bedroom. It is because of its special unique ability to rotate them on its axis.


The Wall Gives Contemporary And Unusual Apartment Appearance

The wall provides a really unusual appearance. The opaque metal frame contrasts along with the plywood and also the sharp angles provide it a really interesting appearance. This small unique apartment also has a bedroom. It is a lot more like a nook. It offers built-in storage space and also it is designed using white and yellow shades. The interior design of the following small unique apartment is definitely really interesting and unusual.


The Flexible And Rotating Walls Offers Awesome Flexibility!

The flexible and rotating walls give fantastic flexibility and they also provide the space a contemporary and unique appearance. It’s absolutely an amazing solution for smaller spaces. Fixed walls just make a space seem to be smaller sized simply because they fragment it. However, In this situation, there is nothing permanent and the space is complete of hidden or perhaps concealed surprises

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