Strategies To Match Your New Floors With Your Furnishings

A couple of years back we decided to get new engineered hardwood floors in the loft. Formerly our floor was a concrete floor one, it wasn’t horrible per se but we had young children and youngsters tend to fall a lot, so for safety issues and also since we did want the house to be more put together we thought we would search for other sorts of flooring options. The furniture we got was rather child friendly and basic and since it was a tiny loft the kitchen was connected accompanying the dinning/living room area. After a couple of months of going back and forth with different possibilities we chose to get engineered hardwood everywhere in the first floor. Because it was a really small space we didn’t want to give up any of the visual space by splitting the kitchen from the dinning/living with different flooring. Also, since we’d at some point remove and replace all the kid friendly furniture pieces with quality pieces we decided to go all the way and get expensive floors.


Should you be planning on replacing your floors within your house and you are concerned with matching you interior décor to the new floors, you must bear in mind several. If you do have small children and you haven’t purchased your perfect home furniture I would say opt for the high end floors mainly because it doesn’t matter what kind of floors you are getting as long as you clean it properly and take care of them might last for a long time. Should you be already set in your dream design layout I will still advise obtaining the high end floors, because not only will they enhance and play up your furniture accents but they will even increase your home’s price. With floors, as with a number of other building resources, you will get what you pay for.

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