Modern Decorations for Modern Wall today

An interacting modern framework with wood is nowadays going in trend with still painting on it is an innovative idea for modern wall decoration. A wooden framework with still painting work in it which can be able to change its appearance in a spam of second makes it more interesting and an unusual gift and surprising ways of modern wall decoration. It’s a great interactive work by the designers; it looks like a canvas painting painted with white blue vast, apples, pears and a metal plate. But, when somebody just slightly turns the painted wooden frame the images starts to fall down and change their positions and thus, creating a new design with combinations of surprising objects.

It happens because of the flat screen fitted within the wooden framework for modern wall decoration theme. It was an unusual interactive painting which is created with a flat screen, a wooden frame work and a bracket which allows the frame to rotate on the wall and creating unexpected images for Modern Decoration of walls. Some of the other special tools which have been fitted to make this interactive modern decoration system are as follows –

  1. Few special sensors which are attached to the back so that while rotating angles it can react firmly [Modern decoration].
  2. A wooden frame work with flat screen and a set of brackets which help the frame to rotate “Modern decoration”.
  3. Special tools so while moving objects on the screen in accordance with the slope and to create realistic images [“Modern decoration”].

So, a beautiful wooden framework with a flat screen containing some accessories and sensors can bring an innovative idea with interactive wall panel that changes images while rotating are the best Modern Decoration for walls that can surprise anybody with its appearances.

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