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The Remodel Project

My wife and I recently decided to remodel our home – the full nine yards, to go for a New England cottage style look with undeniable charm and lots of visible wood. We didn’t want to be living in a log cabin, exactly, but we wanted the warmth that wood brings to a space. When we were planning, we realized that having a white drywall ceiling wasn’t the best way to get the effect we wanted, so we started looking into ways to we could add some warmth to the ceiling.

To Faux or Not to Faux

A friend of ours who works as a contractor told us about a great possible solution from Barron Designs’s . They’re very eco-friendly as they aren’t actually made of wood, but when he showed us a sample, we couldn’t believe our eyes because it was almost impossible to tell it wasn’t real wood – and once it was up on the ceiling, there was no way anyone would know. It was available in a wide variety of styles, colors and finishes, and it was so light that I would be able to complete the whole project by myself without any help!

The Great Secret

In then end, though, we decided that beams weren’t exactly the look we were going for – we really wanted the look of paneling. So our contractor friend suggested another option, which we eventually agreed with. He said that a big secret to finding great ceiling paneling was to use hardwood flooring!

He pointed us to, one of the leading flooring companies in America. you don’t even have to pay shipping or use a credit card at all! We ordered our five free samples, and they arrived in the next couple of days. After comparing and discussing with my wife, we made our choice and ordered the amount of panels we would need. I was able to install them myself easily, and we finally had the look we wanted!

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