Design the ideal Kitchen space for you

Statistical database shows that daily we spend 40% of our time in the kitchen, and in recent years has developed into a multi purpose of the home. Accurate planning, aesthetics and choice of materials and colors, play a decisive role in this space. The design should be based on the functions of a kitchen, giving you the opportunity to move and work more when theres more than one person at the site. The traffic flow must be clear and smooth, creating corridors with ideal dimensions.


The hot spots of the kitchen such as the sink, oven, refrigerator, etc. should be placed where they can allow us to use combinatorial together. Storage areas should be easily accessible and be designed in such a way that it can be exploited in the best possible way their capabilities, especially when there is no secondary store. Workbenches should cover a significant area of ​​the kitchen, helping to correct food preparation and cleanliness of the place. The provision of a reserve in ideal cases, helps the indirect separation of the kitchen with the rest of the space and use a table for breakfast or a quick lunch.


The distinctive aesthetic space is determined by the choice of materials and colors. Defining the style of cuisine we can choose an option for modern style smooth surfaces, in bright colors or pure white for country style rough and textured surfaces matt and natural tones. The mood that conveys the kitchen plays an important role and inspires us to create culinary delights for the whole family.

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