Contemporary And Colorful Apartment Decoration Design

Colorful Design Is An Expression Of The Owners

A house can be an expression of everyone that is living in it and yes it is definitely a visual representation of what you wish for the others to think once they get into there. When it comes to the Venice House, an apartment found in London, what we see is a simple and also colourful as well as cheerful home with a lot of bold things along with a harmonious apartment decoration.

Designer Of This Contemporary And Colorful Apartment Decoration Design

The apartment has been designed by Andy Martin Architects. It is homeowners are Warren and also Claire Johnson and they are living in this wonderful apartment together with their 2 young kids, a 2 years old names Jake and also a 3 year old named Charlie. You see that, the interior design shows the dynamism which characterizes the family. Located on the ground floor of a level I listed mansion patio, the apartment offers views of London’s most lovely squares.

The Reason Behind Colorful Apartment Decoration Design

The interior can be described through the 4.5 m high ceilings and also the casual along with functional decoration. The homeowners wished this small colorful apartment to reflect and to fit with all their busy life-style and they also needed it to let every one of the family members to feel welcome and comfy in this small beautiful apartments. It is probably the reason why there are lots of colourful and also happy elements. One example is, check out that rainbow staircase. It is absolutely an essential design component and it is also a center point in the entire apartments decoration.

Even so the designers did not only take care of those little details. Furthermore they had to create a few major modifications in the layout. The private rooms had been moved to the north side of the apartment and also the public living space to the south where they get look at of the gardens.

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